Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nikc-Nack Games Stuff

Recently here is what has been going on with Nikc-Nack Games.

Nikc-Nack's Magazine:
I have completely redesigned the magazine layout from scratch, most of the graphics are being remade as well. We intend to keep the magazine a little simpler from now on.
For you special people only, I present to you a early look at the new magazine layout.
As you can see even though we are aiming for a simpler layout, we still will bring a special flare that you won't find in any other GM Magazine. I also have decided that I will start adding interviews into the magazine, even though some people think they're stupid, I have gotten many E-mails suggesting them.
So make sure you check out Issue 6, coming soon!

Just for you guys, here's some stuff coming up!
-Interview with Brian Fetcher
-Game Review of Chawp!
-The thrilling next section to the Sun World Series

Well some of you know that I just released my first WIP demo of my new game FLASH!. You can try it on GameJolt. There are 22 levels avalible to play, good graphics, and a entertaining music track
That there is a early screenshot of the game. From that screenshot you can see the nice graphics style that you will find in the game.

Find it on GameJolt:

Now onto the new Nikc-Nack Games Game.
We just started working on our newest project as a company. Because I reset my entire team and am starting with all new people, hopefully we can pull off more quality games!
The game is a future game where you are a monster tearing through the cities. As uninteresting as this may seem, we have a amazing story writer who will be writing an insane story that will keep you guessing until the end of the game.
Game Logo:
Character Sprite(Do not use under any circumstances, or else you will face the consequences):
Sprite by Electron!

I don't want to give any more information about the game then I have to just to spread the news. But I will gurantee everyone, that it is going to be interesting

Nikc-Nack of Nikc-Nack Games

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GHOST, back in development!

  Yeah, my old game I was making a few months ago, is now back in development! I'm adding the finishing touches on some of the old levels and I'm bringing in new levels too!  I'll have the tutorial levels finished soon, and then I'll start on the 50 level quest!  I also fixed up the engine and the graphics are way smoother now!

Old Graphics on angles:

New Graphics on angles:

  Just by checking off the interpolate pixels in the GM Global Game Settings fixed up the smoothness that much!

I'm also working on enemy AI right now, some of which is here -

I think it's looking a lot better!  Next on my to-do list: 1st Power of the ghost!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I thought I might update me, as well as this site.

I updated my site, to a more, cleaner feel.

As well as with the update of that site, I got the phpBB forum thingy for my new forums; apparently it's better than bbPress. :/
If you haven't already, you should go check it out, oh, and make sure you join.
Erm.. that's all I have really.

Thanks, Blok.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breach; New Game

Over the past few weeks Electron and I have been working on a new game. It is called Breach.
Watch the intro video here:

I'll be putting up a trailer pretty soon.
Current Progress:
>Movement Engine
>AI Engine
>Swimming Engine
>Some Graphics
>Test Room

Needed to be done:
>More Levels
>Boss AIs
>More Graphics
>Other Objects
>So much more, we've only begun.

Struggles Is back In action!

Thanks to Kris (For his help) Struggles Is back up!

New game to come soon, Æ!

  Æ is a speed shooter game with a lot of effects and soon it will have online highscores and achievements.  This game is being made for the Jolt Arcade. :P
Here is a gameplay video. (made with a sucky screen recorder, so the quality was destroyed)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Struggle Remake Is cancelled

The Struggles Remake Isn't being released.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A'ight, so here comes Jam #2

In the last Jam I tried to collab with Banov and brod. Banov had something in his personal life come up, and couldn't be of any help, and later brod got a virus on his laptop. We had an awesome game involving penguins going...

That won't happen this time. I'm going to work on my own entry from the start as well as collaborate with Electron and Kris. Electron, Kris, and I just formed a group called The Atom Brothers. You shouldn't be surprised to see numerous games from The Atom Brothers in the near future. Here's the second Jam!

Low quality version of our logo

Monday, July 26, 2010

Psychedelic Colors, sparks, and Time freezing? I must be dreaming.

  Well, the first demo of SHOCK was released tonight, which you can play here, be sure to read the description and use the help section in the menu, it should help you out.  Ok, so the colors, sparks, and time freezing, it all comes from a new power-up I've added. :D  I hope you'll all like this effect and have fun trying out your first taste of the game, leave a comment if you'd like about the game, I'd appreciate it a lot!  Finally, some screens of those 'Psychedelic colors' I mentioned. ;D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly Challenge #2

Last weeks theme was kinda hard, So here's the theme this week:


You can remake anyones game, but you need to ask for their permission!
No time limits... so yeah!

A new logo!

Since I'm awfully new here I didn't think it would be appropriate to change the logo on everyone. So That's why I'm making this post. For the new logo I made.

Here is what I made:

So anyways, I just thought you guys might be interested.

Which logo do you prefer?
The old logo
The new logo

Update by WITS:
 I have changed the logo already, so unless anyone wishes to change the logo back to the old one, (simply comment below) the site should be done with major changes for a while. (Oh, and I cleaned up this post a bit.)

A simple addition!

Hello, my name is Nikc-Nack!
I'm a new member to Wolf Studios. My friend Electron, who is also in Wolf Studios accepted me in!

I'm a professional graphics designer with about 5 years expierience in many differant programming fields. When I was eight years old I began my first programming, learning some simple HTML. I was ready a book that I can't remember the title of, but I believe it was written by Jonah Neugiss, or something. It was a really good start for me! Not long after my jump into HTML I began interest in graphics. I started with a free program called Photo Pos Pro. Which at the time cost $30. But over this past year became freeware.
Then around the age of ten I took up visual basic 6. I dug deep into software developement and created some very useful applications. One of which I sold for $15, which isn't much, but for a ten year old. After I lingered around there for a while I ran into some of the powerful features of Visual Basic 2005, and used that for quite a while.
Then when I was 11 I finally started using Visual Basic 2010. I became very good at it and created some really great software that I use up to this day. With a few adjustments along the way. But finally visual basic got old and I needed something to learn. So then came C, I began learning C around my 12th birthday, I got decent at it, but surprisingly, at that time it bored me very much.
Then upon December of 2009 I came across this great program called Game Maker. I quickly dove in and created my first game in just a few hours. It was a simple lemmings remake that was lost in a recent computer crash. It had 2 levels and about 20 minutes of gametime. But for a first game I was proud of myself. But that wasn't enough of course so I learned GML and many other stuff to go along with game maker.
But a major BUMP came along while making games. My graphics were junk, I had to learn how to make better graphics. So I spent about a month reading up all I could on graphic design and character animations and all that great stuff. Later my friend bought adobe CS4 and gave me his CS3 EDU packet. It isn't spectacular, but I'm still loving it and learning new things every day!
What now? Well now I'm a good game maker and a member of Wolf Studios. I have increased my graphic design skill. I also am a good game maker. I have bought Game Maker 8 pro and will continue making games until it completely bores me.

Thank you,
-Nikc-Nack Games

Friday, July 23, 2010

New upcoming game - SHOCK

  SHOCK features a high voltage action game with some great effects and settings.  I'll be adding some cool features too (like achievements and online-highscores).  This game is being made for the Jolt Arcade and for Nikc-Nack's 2nd competition, Getting Higher.  The five letter series of games, triumphs again! XD
Some Screen-shots -

New computer?

Yeah, that's right, I got a new computer, with which, is more capable of doing more cool stuff.
Here is a picture of the desktop:
Oh wait, it's a 1920 x 1080 resolution! Here is a link,


Friday, July 16, 2010

Jolt Arcade

I have recently started working on something called Jolt Arcade. Jolt Arcade will be similar to Xbox Live or PSN, but for indie developers and gamers. Obviously it will not be as complex as Live or PSN, mainly because I'm working on this platform all by myself. Since I just started I'm not going to explain all the details, but you could help in a number of ways!

  • Create a logo (320x160)
  • Design avatars (48x48)
  • Design some arcade games (Short games or games where you play for a score would be preferred)
  • Send some of your ideas for Jolt Arcade to me here
  • Design some music which will to be played on start-up
  • Spread the word!

Weekly Challenge #1

Ok, Every week i'm going to set myself a goal. That goal is to make a game in a certain time limit! So heres the theme:


Time Limit: 2 Hours

Well, If you want to join me then leave a comment!
(Take the theme in any you want to as long as it matches the theme)
-Ends 23/07/2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

GHOST - Floor Sliding, Lightning? Got any comments?

  Well in GHOST, you'll play through 50 levels (or more) of shocking puzzling levels.  Abilities will be unlocked along the way.  You start the game with the abilities to run, jump, and slide across your environment. First off, you get the walking-through-walls ability, only for certain terrains though.  This adds more challenge because only you can walk though the walls, other objects stop at the solid, because, well.. they aren't Ghosts! :D  Second Power, most likely, Flammability.  Ghosts can't touch things that aren't as solid as Ground, so fire would fall through them.  You obtain this ability by falling in unstable goop, that reacts with your wispy shape and makes your player able to catch on fire.  When on fire your player can kill certain enemies, burn down passageways, and more.  This will also add some puzzle parts to the game.  Third, Lightning.  Your player will be able to shoot lightning at baddies.  This will help protect the player from certain hazards that lurk in the game.  Fourth power... not sure yet... See  need help with ideas.  Anyone got a good ghost-like ability up their sleeve that they wanna share?  Just comment below and I might use your ability in the game! (Don't say Levitation though, that will be the final ability :P)  I'll have the first demo of the game up soon, so you can get a taste of what the game will be like!  Some more screenshots - 

Title-screen -

In Game -

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hellarious Reviewed

A nice fairly detailed review of Hellarious was posted on Kwiklook Blog earlier today, so go ahead and check it out here! Also, check out Hellarious v1.3, which will be released on Game Jolt once the judging is complete.

New Game - Reflections

The game Is still weeks before complete. So It will be updated from the screenshots!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New game - G.H.O.S.T.

  I've started my newest project a few hours ago, G.H.O.S.T.  Play as a ghost who is given a chance to live again, for he dies in an unfair way.  A Phenomenon Ghostly figure tells him he has to complete all 50 of his treacherous challenges he gives forth to the ghost.  Try to complete every challenge and survive to win the game.  Run, jump, slide, and more to compete against him, and regain your soul!  I just started it today and have 1 level and the engine finished.  Hopefully this goes well! :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meteor Falls

Ok, It looks like nothing at this point, But im making a game called Meteor Falls. It will have Online Highscores and Achievements so you can... Feel like you have actually done something productive.

Well I made this little thing called...

It's more than just a play on words. It's a fully procedurally generated game. (And a demake of Canabalt!)

Now for those of you who don't know what procedural generation is, you may have seen it before. Procedural generation is basically when a game doesn't have something (generally levels) predefined and instead lets the program randomly generate that "something", so that each time you play that part of the game it'll be different. (For a more detailed/clear explanation click this.)

For instance in Canabalt you start in the same environment every time, but after exiting the first building, everything is procedurally generated to insure that the player will experience something different every time. If you're a developer this is definitely something you may want to look into! It'll add great replay value to any game if it's done well!
[EDIT By Electron] I took the liberty of adding some screenshots for W!TSi xD 
Here -

Some posters I made for upcoming games...

 Yeah, here is a poster I made of an idea I have.  I'll probably make a game out of this, The Adventures of Nelectro.  I'm still debating, but the poster looks good. ^_^  Any ideas or questions, leave a comment.  Here is another I made the other night - 

I'm most likely gonna make a game out of this one. :P
It'd be a fun one, and I already have lots of ideas!
Btw, you other guys need to post more often.  Our followers are most likely gonna be bored out of their minds here if we don't. xD

Blok Asylum: New Game from Electron

  Here is a video of my new game (over a boss in it).  My game for the Game Jolt Indie Demake Contest, Blok Asylum is my newest game made, and it is still being made, actually. :P  The RPG features a couple boss fights and 14 levels as of now, and it even has a story and save feature.  Here is a link to play it on GJ - Blok Asylum 
Some screenshots - 
And here is a snow level I was working on -
It should add some variety to the game! :D
I hope you'll all like it so far!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Uhh... What happened to Game Jolt?

 Hey It's Electron. Um, I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but when I try to get on Game Jolt, I can't seem to get back on the site. It says it's a DNS lookup error and sometimes it says the page doesn't exist at all. D: Is this happening to anyone else or am I alone here? I just want to know what is happening with you guys... :( Someone please reply!
Sincerely, Electron....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Features

  • Banner
  • Rating System (Basic)
  • Contributers Nav Bar
It's not much, But the blog is slowly looking much better.

Here's Roan with a new game!

For those of you readers don't know me, I'm Roan Contreras (or Toadfrogs)... I'm an indie game developer living here in the Philippines. I'm making games for 2 years, with Game Maker. I knew some of the contributors here (mostly Kris, WITS and Electron and oh yeah... hi Blok Studios) and I post in this blog frequently (as a lot of you know why, I have school)... Ok, that's it for my short introduction! Here's my new game:

Here's my site: (And remember... for me, stalking people is fun so check my other links in that site and if you wanna talk to me, its in the said site...)
And yeah, I'm a gamejolter too:

That's all for this post, have a good day everyone :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello, I'm Blok.
I'm one of the site admins here, so you can't mess with me.
One of my main focuses at the moment is game development. I usually make games with Game Maker. I have made a game with the Blender Game's Engine. Most(all) of my games are found at Game Jolt. I also have a interest in music. One of my other focuses is my website(Self Explanatory Games) and forums. You can contact me via
So yeah, enjoy the site.


Electron is here!

Dear Reader,
  I would like to inform you that Electron will be an administrator of The Wolf Blog, a blog made for a few of the individuals here to post their latest news.  He will use this blog to the fullest, and try to post whenever he has a new game, competition, etc. to talk about.  He is generally a 13 year old boy, so be ready for some randomness, and laughs.  He hopes to have a friendly reputation on this blog, and not to be a troll who spams the entire web (looks at MM). That is about all for now, but soon he will have more to talk about.
                                    Sincerely, Writer who talks about Electron~ 
PS - Find Electron on Game Jolt here.
And find Electron's website here.

Another new member!

Well, guess who it is! What, you just read the "Posted by" text?! CHEATER! Anyways, I'll just post here when I remember to, so new games, and other important stuff like amazing lolcat images.

New Person Joined

Roan Contreras (ToadFrogs) Has just joined the blog! He will only post sometimes when he has a new game or some News.
Anyway, Check out his Site(s)

Blog Started

KrisL01, Blok Studio's and Electron decided to start a blog. We will post updates about our games and other stuff, Like cool games or websites of ours. We will soon have an email up that you could email us some questions and other things.