Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nikc-Nack Games Stuff

Recently here is what has been going on with Nikc-Nack Games.

Nikc-Nack's Magazine:
I have completely redesigned the magazine layout from scratch, most of the graphics are being remade as well. We intend to keep the magazine a little simpler from now on.
For you special people only, I present to you a early look at the new magazine layout.
As you can see even though we are aiming for a simpler layout, we still will bring a special flare that you won't find in any other GM Magazine. I also have decided that I will start adding interviews into the magazine, even though some people think they're stupid, I have gotten many E-mails suggesting them.
So make sure you check out Issue 6, coming soon!

Just for you guys, here's some stuff coming up!
-Interview with Brian Fetcher
-Game Review of Chawp!
-The thrilling next section to the Sun World Series

Well some of you know that I just released my first WIP demo of my new game FLASH!. You can try it on GameJolt. There are 22 levels avalible to play, good graphics, and a entertaining music track
That there is a early screenshot of the game. From that screenshot you can see the nice graphics style that you will find in the game.

Find it on GameJolt:

Now onto the new Nikc-Nack Games Game.
We just started working on our newest project as a company. Because I reset my entire team and am starting with all new people, hopefully we can pull off more quality games!
The game is a future game where you are a monster tearing through the cities. As uninteresting as this may seem, we have a amazing story writer who will be writing an insane story that will keep you guessing until the end of the game.
Game Logo:
Character Sprite(Do not use under any circumstances, or else you will face the consequences):
Sprite by Electron!

I don't want to give any more information about the game then I have to just to spread the news. But I will gurantee everyone, that it is going to be interesting

Nikc-Nack of Nikc-Nack Games

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