Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A'ight, so here comes Jam #2

In the last Jam I tried to collab with Banov and brod. Banov had something in his personal life come up, and couldn't be of any help, and later brod got a virus on his laptop. We had an awesome game involving penguins going...

That won't happen this time. I'm going to work on my own entry from the start as well as collaborate with Electron and Kris. Electron, Kris, and I just formed a group called The Atom Brothers. You shouldn't be surprised to see numerous games from The Atom Brothers in the near future. Here's the second Jam!

Low quality version of our logo

Monday, July 26, 2010

Psychedelic Colors, sparks, and Time freezing? I must be dreaming.

  Well, the first demo of SHOCK was released tonight, which you can play here, be sure to read the description and use the help section in the menu, it should help you out.  Ok, so the colors, sparks, and time freezing, it all comes from a new power-up I've added. :D  I hope you'll all like this effect and have fun trying out your first taste of the game, leave a comment if you'd like about the game, I'd appreciate it a lot!  Finally, some screens of those 'Psychedelic colors' I mentioned. ;D