Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nikc-Nack Games Stuff

Recently here is what has been going on with Nikc-Nack Games.

Nikc-Nack's Magazine:
I have completely redesigned the magazine layout from scratch, most of the graphics are being remade as well. We intend to keep the magazine a little simpler from now on.
For you special people only, I present to you a early look at the new magazine layout.
As you can see even though we are aiming for a simpler layout, we still will bring a special flare that you won't find in any other GM Magazine. I also have decided that I will start adding interviews into the magazine, even though some people think they're stupid, I have gotten many E-mails suggesting them.
So make sure you check out Issue 6, coming soon!

Just for you guys, here's some stuff coming up!
-Interview with Brian Fetcher
-Game Review of Chawp!
-The thrilling next section to the Sun World Series

Well some of you know that I just released my first WIP demo of my new game FLASH!. You can try it on GameJolt. There are 22 levels avalible to play, good graphics, and a entertaining music track
That there is a early screenshot of the game. From that screenshot you can see the nice graphics style that you will find in the game.

Find it on GameJolt:

Now onto the new Nikc-Nack Games Game.
We just started working on our newest project as a company. Because I reset my entire team and am starting with all new people, hopefully we can pull off more quality games!
The game is a future game where you are a monster tearing through the cities. As uninteresting as this may seem, we have a amazing story writer who will be writing an insane story that will keep you guessing until the end of the game.
Game Logo:
Character Sprite(Do not use under any circumstances, or else you will face the consequences):
Sprite by Electron!

I don't want to give any more information about the game then I have to just to spread the news. But I will gurantee everyone, that it is going to be interesting

Nikc-Nack of Nikc-Nack Games

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GHOST, back in development!

  Yeah, my old game I was making a few months ago, is now back in development! I'm adding the finishing touches on some of the old levels and I'm bringing in new levels too!  I'll have the tutorial levels finished soon, and then I'll start on the 50 level quest!  I also fixed up the engine and the graphics are way smoother now!

Old Graphics on angles:

New Graphics on angles:

  Just by checking off the interpolate pixels in the GM Global Game Settings fixed up the smoothness that much!

I'm also working on enemy AI right now, some of which is here -

I think it's looking a lot better!  Next on my to-do list: 1st Power of the ghost!