Saturday, July 3, 2010

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It's not much, But the blog is slowly looking much better.

Here's Roan with a new game!

For those of you readers don't know me, I'm Roan Contreras (or Toadfrogs)... I'm an indie game developer living here in the Philippines. I'm making games for 2 years, with Game Maker. I knew some of the contributors here (mostly Kris, WITS and Electron and oh yeah... hi Blok Studios) and I post in this blog frequently (as a lot of you know why, I have school)... Ok, that's it for my short introduction! Here's my new game:

Here's my site: (And remember... for me, stalking people is fun so check my other links in that site and if you wanna talk to me, its in the said site...)
And yeah, I'm a gamejolter too:

That's all for this post, have a good day everyone :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello, I'm Blok.
I'm one of the site admins here, so you can't mess with me.
One of my main focuses at the moment is game development. I usually make games with Game Maker. I have made a game with the Blender Game's Engine. Most(all) of my games are found at Game Jolt. I also have a interest in music. One of my other focuses is my website(Self Explanatory Games) and forums. You can contact me via
So yeah, enjoy the site.


Electron is here!

Dear Reader,
  I would like to inform you that Electron will be an administrator of The Wolf Blog, a blog made for a few of the individuals here to post their latest news.  He will use this blog to the fullest, and try to post whenever he has a new game, competition, etc. to talk about.  He is generally a 13 year old boy, so be ready for some randomness, and laughs.  He hopes to have a friendly reputation on this blog, and not to be a troll who spams the entire web (looks at MM). That is about all for now, but soon he will have more to talk about.
                                    Sincerely, Writer who talks about Electron~ 
PS - Find Electron on Game Jolt here.
And find Electron's website here.

Another new member!

Well, guess who it is! What, you just read the "Posted by" text?! CHEATER! Anyways, I'll just post here when I remember to, so new games, and other important stuff like amazing lolcat images.

New Person Joined

Roan Contreras (ToadFrogs) Has just joined the blog! He will only post sometimes when he has a new game or some News.
Anyway, Check out his Site(s)

Blog Started

KrisL01, Blok Studio's and Electron decided to start a blog. We will post updates about our games and other stuff, Like cool games or websites of ours. We will soon have an email up that you could email us some questions and other things.