Saturday, July 24, 2010

A simple addition!

Hello, my name is Nikc-Nack!
I'm a new member to Wolf Studios. My friend Electron, who is also in Wolf Studios accepted me in!

I'm a professional graphics designer with about 5 years expierience in many differant programming fields. When I was eight years old I began my first programming, learning some simple HTML. I was ready a book that I can't remember the title of, but I believe it was written by Jonah Neugiss, or something. It was a really good start for me! Not long after my jump into HTML I began interest in graphics. I started with a free program called Photo Pos Pro. Which at the time cost $30. But over this past year became freeware.
Then around the age of ten I took up visual basic 6. I dug deep into software developement and created some very useful applications. One of which I sold for $15, which isn't much, but for a ten year old. After I lingered around there for a while I ran into some of the powerful features of Visual Basic 2005, and used that for quite a while.
Then when I was 11 I finally started using Visual Basic 2010. I became very good at it and created some really great software that I use up to this day. With a few adjustments along the way. But finally visual basic got old and I needed something to learn. So then came C, I began learning C around my 12th birthday, I got decent at it, but surprisingly, at that time it bored me very much.
Then upon December of 2009 I came across this great program called Game Maker. I quickly dove in and created my first game in just a few hours. It was a simple lemmings remake that was lost in a recent computer crash. It had 2 levels and about 20 minutes of gametime. But for a first game I was proud of myself. But that wasn't enough of course so I learned GML and many other stuff to go along with game maker.
But a major BUMP came along while making games. My graphics were junk, I had to learn how to make better graphics. So I spent about a month reading up all I could on graphic design and character animations and all that great stuff. Later my friend bought adobe CS4 and gave me his CS3 EDU packet. It isn't spectacular, but I'm still loving it and learning new things every day!
What now? Well now I'm a good game maker and a member of Wolf Studios. I have increased my graphic design skill. I also am a good game maker. I have bought Game Maker 8 pro and will continue making games until it completely bores me.

Thank you,
-Nikc-Nack Games

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  1. o_O We didn't need to know your life story.