Thursday, July 15, 2010

GHOST - Floor Sliding, Lightning? Got any comments?

  Well in GHOST, you'll play through 50 levels (or more) of shocking puzzling levels.  Abilities will be unlocked along the way.  You start the game with the abilities to run, jump, and slide across your environment. First off, you get the walking-through-walls ability, only for certain terrains though.  This adds more challenge because only you can walk though the walls, other objects stop at the solid, because, well.. they aren't Ghosts! :D  Second Power, most likely, Flammability.  Ghosts can't touch things that aren't as solid as Ground, so fire would fall through them.  You obtain this ability by falling in unstable goop, that reacts with your wispy shape and makes your player able to catch on fire.  When on fire your player can kill certain enemies, burn down passageways, and more.  This will also add some puzzle parts to the game.  Third, Lightning.  Your player will be able to shoot lightning at baddies.  This will help protect the player from certain hazards that lurk in the game.  Fourth power... not sure yet... See  need help with ideas.  Anyone got a good ghost-like ability up their sleeve that they wanna share?  Just comment below and I might use your ability in the game! (Don't say Levitation though, that will be the final ability :P)  I'll have the first demo of the game up soon, so you can get a taste of what the game will be like!  Some more screenshots - 

Title-screen -

In Game -


  1. Looking very nice. :P I suck at ideas though, so I have nothing to contribute. Dx

  2. Oh, well thanks for the comment! I'm still working on the graphics, so hopefully I can make them look even better, same with the title-screen! :D

  3. Its loking pretty cool. I like how the effects are done ^^