Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breach; New Game

Over the past few weeks Electron and I have been working on a new game. It is called Breach.
Watch the intro video here:

I'll be putting up a trailer pretty soon.
Current Progress:
>Movement Engine
>AI Engine
>Swimming Engine
>Some Graphics
>Test Room

Needed to be done:
>More Levels
>Boss AIs
>More Graphics
>Other Objects
>So much more, we've only begun.


  1. I like the video! Geez, I wish I was as good at Blender as you. I'm currently making a game called Tee-Vee, where you can play as a television set whos enemy is a computer. You've got, like, a lightsaber to beat the gigabytes and pixels and megabytes...it's all very cool. If I do say so myself.
    My name is Nate and I write simple Blender tutorials for beginers. I know you're not one, so could you give me a little advice about some good subjects for my BGE tutorials?
    My blog's address is:


    See ya-

  2. Natron, Please do not post links of your blog again.